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  • hoseng vang
    hoseng vang 3 hónapja

    Riot should make a game mode where you can play the old champions

  • Ghost Whisper
    Ghost Whisper 2 hónapja

    old poppy looks like the baby from "ice age"

  • 구독자가 318명이지?왜아무것도안했는데

    Poppy’s old ult was crazy... tryn ult + olaf ult and it lasts morethan 7seconds

  • Nicolás Makoala
    Nicolás Makoala 2 hónapja

    love how most of the champions had an ability that basically consisted in hitting hard without aiming anything

  • • Whitelee •
    • Whitelee • 3 hónapja

    Old Ryze, old Shen, old Tristana, old Eva, old Urgot and PLEASE LET ME OLD ONE SHOT GANKPLANKKKKK :3

  • Deyan
    Deyan 3 hónapja


  • lnvalidM8 ?
    lnvalidM8 ? 3 hónapja

    in this new clip of nunu we show his ability to cast an ultimate. and in this old clip of nunu we showcase his ability to use an ulti

  • Wiggle Room
    Wiggle Room 1 hónapja

    Listen Old Poppy was a literal force of nature.

  • Evangelos Para
    Evangelos Para 3 hónapja

    God I miss old graves more than any1. Leona/Graves level 1 used to be so insane with his old q and mafia graves autos felt clean.

  • Giannis
    Giannis 3 hónapja

    When urgot? I miss very 😔

  • Heliazz Medina Castro
    Heliazz Medina Castro 1 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    I miss the Q of the First Mordekaiser and the W of the second one /3 and also better and unique ultimate than this Trundle copy/paste ultimate of stealing stats

  • Michał i Jakub Szumscy

    I really hate Galio rework. Then he was a really good tank and supp. He was looking seriously and like a dragon statue. Now he looks like some kind of friendly superhero :/

  • Mauvín
    Mauvín 2 hónapja

    I was mining the old pantheon on mid.. But I became jg main and stopped playing him so much. after the rework I have played him 6 times

  • Mr Kemuri
    Mr Kemuri 2 hónapja

    Sou mono sion, mas n tive o privilegio de jogar com o antigo parece q era build de roubo de vida com velocidade de atack kkkkk

  • KedelaBeats
    KedelaBeats 1 hónapja

    Never gonna feel old on zed ❤💥 btw wheres mordekaiser

  • HeroesfightlikeGreeks


    ODİDY 3 hónapja

    I like your edits 3

  • Gamer Savage
    Gamer Savage 3 hónapja

    do old darius and new darius ^^

  • Eduardo Katsuo
    Eduardo Katsuo 3 hónapja

    I was main Galio and Sion before the Reworks, looking at them now is soo sad :/

  • Mr Eccentricities
    Mr Eccentricities 3 hónapja